Green Walls – Beautiful, Functional, and Beneficial

Green Walls offer many variations of design and functionality aspects for your private or public space. Not only do they aesthetically improve your indoor or outdoor space, but they will also improve air quality both interior and exterior.

Green walls can be a beautiful backdrop or accent wall for your home or business and depending on the build/system, they can even be implemented into the HVAC system to provide benefits throughout the building.

Imagine a tropical oasis with the sounds of water trickling down, the scent of exotic plants and the lush greenery that provides a harmonious and calming view all at your fingertips year round.

Green Wall

Living Green Walls, For Inside or Out

Green walls have various styles and functionality. Some systems are integrated into HVAC systems with a hydroponic type of watering system and provide the entire building with the benefits of the clean air provided by the plants. Green walls can be interior or exterior and can be extensive prebuild stand-alone systems with irrigation built in, a modular system, a trellis system or can be a small simple piece of wall art watered by hand.

Custom Created For Your Space

A Green Wall can be custom planted to suit your style and needs and can also be changed or decorated throughout the season to act as part of your holiday décor. Herbs and some vegetables can be grown in green walls to save space and transform unused vertical wall space. Imagine a makeover on a façade with fresh plant life to soften the rigid straight lines of the building.

Improved Air Quality

The air purifying benefits and beautiful foliage are just a few reasons to consider installing a green wall. A Green Wall can improve temperature regulation and decrease cooling costs as well as increase humidity and reduce airborne dust. With an aesthetically pleasing view, Green walls provide a calming environment which helps reduce stress. Many health studies have shown that plant life has a therapeutic effect and can increase productivity and morale. An Exterior Green Wall can provide a habitat for birds and insects as well as an opportunity to encourage pollinators and help in the fight to save the bees.

Whether your project is a retrofit or new build, Snips Landscape will source out the system to best suit your needs and provide installation and maintenance services as required.

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