Enhance Your Indoor Space with Interior Plantscaping

The benefits of living and working among greenery are plentiful. Plants enhance indoor environments, making them more inviting and cleaning the air quality at the same time.

This is very important for those who spend the majority of their time indoors. Not only do plants in the workspace help with air quality, but they also work to reduce stress and provide a more relaxing, peaceful surrounding.

Studies have shown that an office space with live plant material has improved morale and increased productivity.

Our team can help you! From creating plant displays for the seasons, providing oxygenating plants or creating an oasis for your family, clients or staff to enjoy.

Interior plantscaping

Interior Plantscaping Provides Healthy Benefits

It has been proven in many studies that plants provide various benefits to human health. Just a few benefits of interior plants are:

Take in carbon dioxide and other toxins and produce oxygen, purifying the air

Reduce airborne dust

Increase humidity

Create a happy environment

Reduce stress

Keep temperatures down

Reduce sick days

Act as sound barriers

Increase morale and productivity

Ready to add beauty and cleaner, fresher air to your space?

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Plant Selection, Care, and Interior Plantscaping Maintenance

Choosing and Caring for your Plants

For optimum results, proper care and plant selection is required. Plant placement and conditions such as light, maintenance and temperatures are considered when choosing plant material. Along with plant material, the right planter is essential for superior design and function.

We also provide seasonal holiday décor and can change or enhance your existing plants during the year to enhance your space.

Weekly Interior Plantscape Maintenance

Snips Landscape provides weekly Interior Plantscape Maintenance visits ensuring the following:

  • Each plant is watered properly
  • Pests and disease are kept under control
  • Apply fertilizer as required
  • Clean and dust plants
  • Pruning, deadheading as needed

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