Start Growing Your Own Healthy Vegetables!

Learn about how you can grow veggies within your current space! Not only can you create an aesthetically pleasing area but you’ll also be able to reap the benefits of your own harvest.

Whether it’s a garden plan, garden consulting or garden start up and installation, we can provide you with the tools you need to create a delightful and bountiful harvest, and help you farm your yard.

Veggiescaping...good for you, and for the environment!


Gardens that Look as Good as they Taste!

There many creative and beautiful ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your existing or new landscape to cultivate your own backyard bounty. At Snips we call it ‘Veggiescaping’. Not sure if you have enough space or not sure where to start? Snips can help you plan, create and install as well as provide coaching sessions and gardening lessons along the way.

Whether you Need a Little Help...

Just as with our landscaping services, we can set up an initial appointment to access the site and provide you with a quote on how and what is needed to move forward. Your Veggiescape may require anything from installing new garden beds, amending existing soil, or creating a design and garden plan.

...Or A Lot!

We can even provide services for installing, maintaining and harvesting everything for you! The rewards of interplanting vegetables into your ornamental gardens are not only beneficial to you but for the health of the plants and insects.

Ready to get Veggiescaping?

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Reasons To Plant a Veggie Garden!

Here's 8 Awesome Reasons To Consider Veggiescaping
Healthy and Rewarding

Growing your own food is a healthy and rewarding way to save money

"You grow it, so you know it" growing your own food, you know that it hasn’t been sprayed with harmful pesticides or a GMO species

It's Theraputic

Gardening is very therapeutic for the mind and body, and offers a way to get fresh air and exercise

Great for Children

Children can learn where food comes from and are more likely to eat something they’ve grown

Encourages Pollination

Growing vegetables with flowers and companion planting attracts beneficial insects and pollinators

Save the Bees!

Provide a haven for bees to collect pollen and help in the fight to save the bees

It's Delicious

Create better food dishes with fresh fruits and veggies bursting with flavor

It's Peaceful

Unplug and escape to an oasis with a sense of peace and serenity

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