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Kristi Dilima

Kristi DeLima

General Manager & Landscape Designer

Kristi is a Niagara College graduate with degrees in both Arts and Design Fundamentals and Landscape Technology. Kristi's excellent project designer skills are derived from her passion for the horticulture industry and her years of experience. Kristi also has an passion for the green roofing industry and she is a certified green roof installer. Kristi gives informative workshops about green infrastructures and she has also worked closely with several schools to implement their greening programs.

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We ensure that all SNIPS employees have education, training, credentials and experience that exceeds our requirements and your expectations. Our team includes:

  • trained horticulturalists
  • green roofing specialists
  • ecosystem restoration specialists
  • landscape designers
  • heavy equipment operators
  • irrigation installers
  • highly skilled maintenance workers

All of our landscaping projects are completed skilfully and executed with quality workmanship.

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