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Time Saver – Estimate Edition

Making The Most Of Your Time, From Start To Finish

How is it already the end of August?? Summer always seems to be gone too soon, but this year feels especially short. It’s hard to believe that in just a few days we will be greeted by a new school year, changing colors on the trees, and Fall fairs! All this change has me thinking...

Christmas in July!

Why Planning Ahead Is Key When It Comes to Snow Removal

I know what you’re thinking. Snow removal already?! It’s July! But as hot as Summer is, we all know our Niagara winters have a way of sneaking up on us. Picture this- it’s a chilly November day. You watch the leaves blow across your property as you drink a warm beverage. You...

Landscaping and The Housing Market

Leveraging What You Have

The housing market is a hot topic- but what does landscaping have to do with it? Picture this: You’re on the hunt for the home of your dreams. Your real estate agent scheduled a viewing with you for a home he was sure would be “the ONE!!” You excitedly drive to the...


Water. It’s interesting how something so simple can be so important for growth. My husband and I have been in the middle of home renovations, and part of it resulted in some lawn damage. I found myself sodding our front yard on a sunny Friday a couple of weeks ago in an attempt to bring a...

Take Back Your Time

Our Mission for 2023

Hello and welcome to what will soon be May! Isn’t it crazy? Just this morning, a couple hours after our maintenance crew left the yard, it began to hail. Fingers crossed this doesn’t become a common trend to the Spring season, because we’ve got a LOT to do. These past few...

Planters 101

Getting Started

It is finally Spring! There is so much joy in the early days of a new season, especially in the green industry. One of my favorite parts of warmer weather is that it’s time to plan for our Spring planters! After much trial and error, I have become a lot more confident when it comes to...

Squash and Game Plans

Good morning! As I’m writing this, the snow is lightly falling. It’s hard to believe that in a few short months, Niagara will be green and warm once again. For myself, the thought of planting a new veggie garden alone is enough to get me excited! My husband and I recently moved...

Welcome to 2023

Setting the Tone

Hello all, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and are settling back into the rhythm of your work. While there is room for reflection throughout the year, I’d like the share what I’ve learned after reflecting on 2022 and all that it brought. Every life, relationship, or...

Snips Covid-19 Update

Committed to Health and Safety

Dear Clients and Partners, Partner; At Snips Landscape, this core value will be our focus for the foreseeable future, as we face daily uncertainties around Covid-19 together. As we prepare to launch into the landscape maintenance and construction season of 2020, our team is dedicated to...

Spring is Here!

Let the Outdoor Projects Begin!

Here at Snips spring is an exciting time of year. It’s the beginning of a new season with new hires and new clients. It’s also the end of the cold snowy dormant winter and gardens start to come back to life. Spring is when hours of brainstorming and preparation is put into...