Home Garden Design

Creating your Dream Outdoors

SNIPS takes pride in providing you with an outdoors that is functional, beautiful and affordable.

We strive to achieve a breathtaking landscape design for your home that makes you feel relaxed and secure. At SNIPS, a great looking outdoors space always come at price that works for you.

Your garden should be viewed as an extension of your home. Your home is also a canvas upon which you can make an impression by expressing your unique personality and taste.

Commercial Landscape Design

Designing a Professional Business Landscape

Because your property’s exterior is the first point of contact many of your customers make, it is important that your landscaping reflects your business' credentials.

At SNIPS, landscape functionality, presentation and affordability come as a package. In every exterior landscape design, we aim to build a cutting-edge and practical outdoor space that not only looks professional but also captures, stimulates and awakens the senses. At an affordable price that works for you, SNIPS will design a contemporary or classic garden design.

SNIPS ensures that your business and property will be known for its unique and beautiful exterior.

SNIPS' Full Design Services

SNIPS takes pride in working in creative partnership with you to design and build the landscape you desire. Our designers and landscapers are happy to work with you step-by-step to make sure you property reaches its landscape potential.

A personalized landscape design can fulfill any of your wants and needs including, but not limited to:

Wheelchair Access

Low Maintenance Gardens

A Child Friendly Environment

Let SNIPS help you begin designing the property of your dream today!

Request for Service

Design Services for Home and Commercial Exteriors

SNIPS provides piece of mind by communicating with you step-by-step. Letting your desires come first, SNIPS offers various design and landscape services including:

Garden & Landscape Consultation

Before we can begin to landscape your property, we must visit your location and assess your desires and the property’s potential. Our consultation process includes a survey of your property, gathering an understanding of your desired landscape style and gaining knowledge of your budget requirements.


After we have shared our ideas, our landscapers and designers will prepare a proposal for your approval This proposal will include project goals, timeline and a project cost estimate. Conceptual design planning begins only after you approve our proposal and we welcome any additions or edits you wish to make to the process.

Green Infrastructure

SNIPS knows that global sustainability begins in all of our backyards, we provide landscaping services that cater to those “green-minded.” Our well-researched team has proven skill with designing and building green roofs, green walls, and ecosystem restoration projects.

3D design

To give you a clear vision of your landscape project, SNIPS provides detailed and realistic renderings of your garden’s look and feel with our 3D design services. As our past successes prove, 3D renderings of your garden or yard design will provide you with the opportunity to adjust your design by eliminating features that do not meet your expectations or adding features to exceed your expectations.

Design Development

We're almost there! In this final pre-construction stage, SNIPS' design experts work in partnership with you to discuss and determine final material selections, finishes, colours and other important functional elements of your project.

Construction Begins

By working hand-in-hand with one of our highly trained and experienced landscape technicians, you will receive a step-by-step garden design package that will turn your dream into a reality. From start to finish SNIPS creates, designs, manages and constructs your dream commercial or garden landscape.

Landscape Construction Specialities

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