Residential Seasonal Decoration

Seasonal Landscaping Expertise

Set your presumptions aside! Seasonal garden decoration with SNIPS is in no way cheesy! In fact, decorating your house for the seasons is a perfect way to frame the beauty of your home. From planting annuals and perennials to suit the season, to installing features and decorative lighting, SNIPS can transform your garden into a seasonally inspired landscape.

Commercial Seasonal Decoration

Skillfully Decorating your Business for the Season

Just like seasonal home decorations frame the beauty of a home, seasonally decorated commercial properties and buildings will highlight your business’ expertise. Leaving stereotypical and old fashioned seasonal decoration styles in the dust behind us, SNIPS prides itself on creating seasonal landscape designs that will impresses and welcome your customers.

Annuals and Perennials

SNIPS’ skilled landscapers and designers are amazing at creating gardens that flourish and transform seasonally. For those seeking a low maintenance garden, SNIPS’ garden consultants can equip you with the best ground-cover perennials or hearty trailing vines that require little upkeep while simultaneously offering you their added benefit of full coverage and weed control.

For This Season...

Keeping our local hardiness zoning in mind, at SNIPS we know that sometimes we want plants for our garden that aren’t winter hardy. Our knowledge about the best plants capable of showcasing bright blooms in spring and lush foliage in late autumn enables us to skillfully shape a garden scape that will accentuate your property year round. SNIPS knows how important it is to keep your property looking well-manicured and cared for.

...To Next Season

Year-round greenery, such as evergreen shrubs and trees, make attractive low maintenance additions to a garden containing other seasonal plants such as forsythia and lilacs. In addition, year-round greenery like evergreens provides your property with lush surfaces to add seasonal ornaments such as Christmas bows, decorative lighting and holiday wreaths.

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Lighting and Features

Decorative Lighting for your Property

There is no better way to highlight the craftsmanship of a well landscaped property than by installing decorative lighting.

Decorative lighting is capable of highlighting a lush garden in spring or summer months and accentuating the more stoic garden landscapes of autumn or winter months.

Decorative lighting, well, isn’t just for decorative purposes. Garden lighting provides you and your guests with safe passage around your property. Decorative lighting can also be utilized to create comfortable and sophisticated spaces to hold outdoor gatherings and parties.

For the most festive among us, traditional Christmas lighting decorations will magically transform your property for the busiest season of the year. Let SNIPS help you make your property a seasonal beauty!

Seasonal Features for your Property

Take your mind off the blizzard outside! Seasonal features can help transform your property with seasonally inspired designs. Some of the seasonal décor we offer includes:

  • Seasonal Urn Arrangements
  • Ornamental Squash Scenes
  • Decorative Wreaths
  • Breathtaking Garden Features

In the year’s milder months, seasonal features such decorated gazebos, pergolas, or lattices will set the mood for a great outdoor party. SNIPS also provides services that help you achieve your outdoor decoration goals, such as planter decoration, ornamental decoration, and water features services.

Let SNIPS decorate your trees, shrubs, and building with seasonal ornaments that inspire holiday cheer.

Incorporating decorative lighting and seasonal decor adds beauty, safety and value to your property!

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