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Take Back Your Time

Our Mission for 2023

Take Back Your Time

Hello and welcome to what will soon be May! Isn’t it crazy? Just this morning, a couple hours after our maintenance crew left the yard, it began to hail. Fingers crossed this doesn’t become a common trend to the Spring season, because we’ve got a LOT to do.

These past few weeks our crew has been busy prepping garden beds and lawns for a new season. The changing of the seasons is a beautiful thing, but boy does it bring with it a lot of work. How is your yard doing? Have you been eager to get out in the sun to care for your property? Or maybe you would love to get outside, but you just can’t seem to find the time to get everything done in a day. If you fall under the latter category, this year’s message is the one for you.

After spending years in the green industry, we have noticed a huge need – a need for more time. More time, and more energy. We have had the ability to help countless homeowners who work long hours, and just want to come home to a relaxing, maintained backyard. We have also helped business owners who would rather put their energy into the heart of their business and leave the groundskeeping to us. We’ve come to realize that for busy people, landscaping isn’t always just “cutting grass”. More often, it’s offering a service that enhances the quality of life for our clients and their families. It allows them to enjoy their property after a long day, but it doesn’t require them to work double-time for it.

At the end of the day, time is our biggest currency. We gage most things by how long it will take us to complete, or how long we will be able to enjoy it. How often do we say, “Is it really worth our time?” or “What a waste of time!” or “I just don’t have the time.” As a busy group ourselves, we have come to learn that sometimes it’s better to invest into services we don’t specialize in, instead of trying to do it all. For example, instead of spending hours of our time trying to promote our company online, we decided to hire the task out to a marketing specialist. Now not only is our marketing in the hands of professionals, but we have also won back some of our time!

Ultimately, we believe in the value of time because we have learned the lesson ourselves. We want to offer our services to people that are actively seeking out ways to win back their time too! So, here’s to making the best of our time, no matter what that may look like.


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