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Water. It’s interesting how something so simple can be so important for growth. My husband and I have been in the middle of home renovations, and part of it resulted in some lawn damage. I found myself sodding our front yard on a sunny Friday a couple of weeks ago in an attempt to bring a little life back to our property. Since then, we’ve been watering daily to ensure our grass has what it needs to outlast the heat!

I realized watering can be a bit of a task. With busy schedules, it’s not always fun to wake up earlier to water the sod, and we’re definitely not looking forward to our next water bill. But- we’re excited. The extra work of watering and nurturing is paying off, and our sod is taking root! The rewarding feeling that we get when we look out our window to fresh grass far exceeds the work that we had to put in up front to make sure it grew well.

This little exercise helped me see things from the perspective of our clients. When I picked up our sod initially, I was told that above everything it is most important that the sod gets plenty of water. As much as it wasn’t ideal, I knew if we were ever going to fix the dusty mess our yard had become, things had to be done right. It wasn’t enough to lay the sod, we had to carry out the next care steps. Even though the sod looked great when we laid it, things wouldn’t look that way for long if the sod didn’t have what it needed to grow.

Often as landscapers, we get so excited when projects are completed. The transformations are so exciting for us. But we are especially excited when our clients are satisfied as well! We do our best to ensure everything is watered in and beautiful before our team leaves. But to keep things looking this way, it is important that the momentum is carried through! This could involve things like weeding and pruning, but initially the most important step is watering.

To make things simple, we have created a plant care guide that provides a watering schedule as well as other helpful tips, tricks, and resources to ensure our clients have what they need to care for their gardens!  Alternatively, Snips offers packages to maintain gardens so that clients can enjoy them without the stress. But watering is a little bit different.

Watering isn’t for everyone. A lot of people love plants, but don’t want to be tied down by the need to water daily. If that is you, don’t worry! There are many landscape options that don’t require frequent waterings! But if you’re struggling to put in those early initial waterings, let me be the first to tell you, my friend- it is completely worth it.

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