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Christmas in July!

Why Planning Ahead Is Key When It Comes to Snow Removal

Christmas in July!

I know what you’re thinking. Snow removal already?! It’s July! But as hot as Summer is, we all know our Niagara winters have a way of sneaking up on us.

Picture this- it’s a chilly November day. You watch the leaves blow across your property as you drink a warm beverage. You can’t believe it- a few weeks ago the weather was mild and sunny. But now, there’s nothing mild about it. The wind gusts, the clouds get darker- a storm is brewing.


And then – there it is. Snow. Little flakes at first, but soon the snow is accumulating in inches! Your mind rushes to your business- the employees still working late hours in their offices. The cleaning staff who are due to arrive any moment. The deliveries that are scheduled to arrive in the early hours of the night. If the snow keeps falling, things are going to get dangerous!

You rush to your phone, call every friend with a snow plow you know. They’re all busy getting ready for a night of snow plowing, and it takes an hour for anyone to get back to you. The answer is the same: “If we have time, we’ll be sure to stop by your property!”

If?? When??

This is not a fun situation to be in. Perhaps you’ve been there before. No matter the size, every commercial property should have a plan for the winter. Not only does snow and ice affect sales, but it also poses a huge safety hazard for staff and customers. Snowy conditions can:

  • Affect accessibility, which directly affects sales
  • Increase slip and fall risks, which can produce legal problems if an accident occurs
  • Affect business hours, which directly affects sales
  • Cause stress for business owners and management

What is the best way to tackle the hurdles winter throws our way? Finding a local team to support you through it. There is no questioning that being prepared for winter is a huge asset to any business.


At the end of the day, safety should be the top priority for all parties involved. Putting a plan in place to ensure your working environment is safe for your staff and visitors is helpful for a number of reasons:

  1. You demonstrate your commitment to safety
  2. You facilitate your business to continue as best as it can despite harsh elements
  3. You minimize stress by being prepared for what the cold weather brings
  4. You give yourself time to find a company you pair well with, and they have time to accurately assess your site and its needs. After all, each site is a unique.

Our Ontario winters are about as unpredictable as they come. Don’t get caught in the storm. Make a plan and fight winter head on!

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