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Time Saver – Estimate Edition

Making The Most Of Your Time, From Start To Finish

Time Saver – Estimate Edition

How is it already the end of August?? Summer always seems to be gone too soon, but this year feels especially short. It’s hard to believe that in just a few days we will be greeted by a new school year, changing colors on the trees, and Fall fairs!

All this change has me thinking – time moves fast, but what do we do with it? How do we max out each moment of the day? How do we balance work and home life? Are we being efficient, making the most of whatever comes our way?

All industries – whether it’s horticulture, medical, or educational – seem to be fighting the same battle against time’s quick pace. We all know that frustration. Pouring ourselves into a project, a meeting, a paper, only to realize we’ve wasted our energy trying to beat an impossible deadline.

It’s clear to see that everyone is looking for a way to relieve the pressure that time can place on the day – to – day. That’s why things like Door Dash, Instacart, and Amazon have taken off and I see where they’re coming from. Think about it:

You can a) rush through the grocery store after a long day at work, grabbing everything on your list PLUS whatever sugary things that tempt you on the way out (not to mention, straying from your budget because you’re shopping while hungry).

Or b) you can order your groceries from the comfort of your office chair between appointments, to be delivered to your front door shortly after you arrive home for the day.  It’s quick, easy, and there’s a great chance you stay within budget.

The analogy doesn’t stop there though. Think about the difference this makes in your night. Choosing to shop for groceries after work means you’re now hungry, late to get home, and still have to make dinner. Or you could have come to your groceries at your door, with about ten minutes taken to unpack them and the rest of the night to unwind.

Chaos, rushing, and spinning your wheels versus calm, controlled, and intentional.

While resorting to technology for everything doesn’t seem like the ultimate solution, there are definitely ways to leverage it for time-saving purposes. Our team is excited to introduce a new system we have been using for a number of months now- an online platform that allows us to view projects AND deliver rough numbers simply through text.

Our contact page now has a place for present and future clients to submit some information about their project, as well as photos and videos of their space! That means our team has enough information in front of them to visualize the project WITHOUT the need to visit in person. This also means we can deliver rough numbers within HOURS and determine if we can meet the expressed budget. As you can imagine, this is a game-changer for both customers and estimators for a number of reasons.

Typically, the sales process would look something like this:


You reach out to us to inquire about a landscaping project


We ask you some questions, and attempt to schedule a time to meet that works for both of us


We meet on site, and discuss the scope of work in person; this gives the estimator a chance to view the project and get a better understanding of what your goals are


Our estimator goes back to the office, creates a detailed proposal, and sends it to you within the time allotted (depending on the project type and time of year, this could be several days later)


You approve or reject the proposal and we go back and forth with feedback


Depending on the specifics, you either accept the final proposal or we realize perhaps we are not the right fit for each other 

Ultimately, this way of doing things requires a fair bit of investment on the part of the client and the estimator even before we know if our we will be a good fit! 

On the other hand, our new sales process looks something like this: 


You submit some information and images about your project from your cell phone.


We view your project and are able to send a ballpark estimate to you within hours.


You receive a text message notification that takes you to an estimate range with notes on how our team will accomplish your project.


If you accept, we can schedule a consultation to discuss the details.


You receive a detailed, exact estimate within the expected range discussed.

Notice the difference?

We want you to go into a consultation with us confident that we can meet your expectations AND within your budget. We do NOT want you to go into a consultation worrying that we won’t be able to, or walking away regretting the meeting entirely. Using a system that sets clear expectations is an easy way to ensure a great meeting takes place that will make the most of your time as well as ours.

There are some potential risks to new systems, though. I think sometimes we worry that we have to sacrifice quality for convenience when it comes to trying something newer and faster. Or perhaps that when we try to speed things up and introduce technology where it never once was, we risk losing relationship and effectiveness. In this case though, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Being able to determine quickly if Snips is a good fit for you is a game changer. On one hand, the sooner we know that we make a good team, the better. On the other hand, the sooner we know we won’t be the right fit, the sooner you get to connect with a different company that is.

Time is a precious thing. We want to make the most of yours from the very first call. If you’re interested in getting started with us, or want to know more about the platform we use, visit us at!

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend, and make the most of it!

Morgan and the Snips Team

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