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When Things Don’t Go According to Plan – Plan Ahead

When Things Don’t Go According to Plan – Plan Ahead

I’ll be honest – the goal for the 2023 season was to have one blog post per month. Up until August, I was doing pretty good. But one thing I didn’t consider was that life gets busy, and time can be hard to come by!

I realized I am living the reality that I explain to our clients every single day – take back your time.

“If you don’t have time for your gardens, but you want them to be beautiful, let us help.”

“If you don’t have time to cut your lawn, but you want to play soccer on it over the weekend, let us help.”

“If you want a space to enjoy the outdoors when you have time off, let us build that space for you.”

We all know time moves quickly, but do we prioritize making the most of it?

To me, regaining control of your time can look like a few things. For myself, the approach I probably should have taken (knowing the middle and end of the landscaping season is especially busy) was writing all blog posts near the beginning of the year, so they were ready to go when needed. Or, I could have scheduled small blocks of time each month towards intentionally working on my writing.

I see some parallels between my situation and that of a busy home or business owner. You could have the best of intentions. Maybe you even schedule time for lawn maintenance. But when it comes down to it, life is both busy and unpredictable. 

What may have started as a balanced calendar could quickly become one filled with last-minute appointments. What may have started as a quiet Summer could turn into a Summer full of travel. Soccer games, weekend trips, and holiday celebrations come up and how do we find time for it all?

The best solution I can think of is finding someone who loves to care for what we can’t, and trust they will take care of it well. (Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy writing, so this is where the analogy ends). But I can appreciate that some days it just seems like there is not enough time for everything. I think this is why we hear of CEO’s having email managers, chefs having line cooks, and teachers having assistants. They devote time to what only they can do, delegating the rest of the tasks that others can manage. And that doesn’t mean that a CEO can’t check their emails, or that a chef can’t prep their meals, or teachers can’t mark papers.

But what it does mean is that even if they don’t have time, the emails, meal prep, and marking still get done.

Because at the end of the day, CEO’s, chefs, and teachers have big things to accomplish, just like you probably do. Time needs to be won back so that we can do what we love, without the everyday things falling apart.

Time is a gift that keeps on giving – let us be the ones to help you deliver on it.

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