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Green Roofs & Green Walls

Our experts build green walls and roofs that reflect your vision for a greener, cleaner world — one private oasis at a time.


Custom Green Walls & Roofs

Flexible options for Indoor, Outdoor, Public and Private spaces.

Flexible Options

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Green Walls

Experience a year-round paradise that cleans as it beautifies.

Green walls are flexible, beautiful and practical. They can be implemented as a stunning backdrop, accent wall or art piece, and—depending on the system—can even be integrated with HVAC and hydroponic watering systems to provide an entire building with a calm and clean atmosphere. A full green wall creates a tropical oasis complete with the sounds of trickling water, the scent of exotic plants, and the view of lush greenery that calms and delights.

Green Wall Design Options

Custom planted to suit your style

Interior or exterior walls

Pre-built, stand-alone systems (including irrigation)

Modular systems

Trellis systems

Stunning wall art (including hand-watering options)

Seasonal rotations, including holiday décor

Can include herbs and vegetables


Green Wall Benefits

Purifies air

Beautifies public and private spaces

Draws attention to architectural features, or softens harsher built environments

Creates a tranquil atmosphere, and makes the therapeutic benefits of plants more accessible

Improves temperature regulation and decreases cooling costs

Increases humidity during cool weather

Reduces airborne dust

Provides habitat for pollinators (when installed as an exterior wall)

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Green Roofs

Transform the overlooked into a thriving, living paradise

Green roofs are vegetated roof surfaces that offer remarkable benefits for plants, animals and people alike. They support a wide range of plant life, and can be designed to include patio areas, water features, vegetable gardens, and habitat structures like bird houses, perches, and bee hives. A green roof is a true private oasis—your very own space to look at the world a little differently.

Green Roof Design Options

Custom planted to suit your style

Light weight systems, either modular or fully laid out

Flat or sloped roofs


Vegetables, perennials or sod

Each design starts with a building inspection to ensure it can support green roof features

Budget, style, functionality and maintenance are all considered in creating your perfect space

Instant beautification with low long-term maintenance

Snips’ warranty period provides the maintenance to ensure your green roof is in peak condition


Green Roof Benefits

Extends the life of roofing membrane

Lowers temperatures in hot weather, decreasing cooling costs

Regulates temperatures, easing peaks and lows on HVAC systems

Improves building marketability

Beautifies and adds visual interest

Provides food and habitat for insects and small animals, supporting biodiversity

Can be planted to provide pollen for bees and other pollinators

Supports food and small-scale crop production in areas that would normally go unused

Provides educational opportunities for children and adults

Our experts are here to support your green roof design, construction, maintenance or retrofit.

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